As a German exhibition stand contractor, we offer a unique service and support offering based on our comprehensive design, construction, logistical possibilities, and exhibition planning. Our designers and managers work together to bring you the best innovation and a well-thought-out solution for the exhibition stand design in Germany and help you build your exhibition stand to achieve your business goals and needs thoroughly. We are one of the top exhibition stand builders in Berlin, with our production facilities and offices in Germany and across the globe. At Expo Stand Services, we know the importance of optimal branding to gain an advantage over the competition; that’s why we use our Long and Rich Experience to identify your needs and work closely with you to find the most constructive solution. 


Things that make us the best exhibition stand design company in Germany 

  • Creation of the Expo Stand Services guides you through setting up the exhibition across Germany from Hanover, Munich, Frankfurt to Berlin, including management of the entire stand equipment String – as part of the receive input specification for the receive get ready. 


  • Our wings spread all over Europe help our customers to build and host exclusive custom stands built with a unique methodology that deals with the essential aspects of the brand image. In addition, we plan, develop and construct exhibition stands for international companies exhibiting in Europe.


  • A conscientious team works Expo Stand Services has recently completed various projects one year Europe-wide with the most customer satisfaction. Our mission is to make your exhibition experience memorable and hassle-free in Europe so you can focus on your trade show goals. 


Our many years of experience running for a trade fair stand Executors has expanded our geographic reach, visionaries, and ideas and created high-end exhibition stand designs.


  • We have served international companies in Europe for over four decades, giving us excellent trade fair experience, stand design, and management. Expo Stand Services teams provide end-to-end management services with on-site management. 


  • Our expertise helps us design and build stands to increase traffic and demand. We work to industry standards provided by our customer’s Interchangeable contacts and many visitors to the company’s exhibition stands.


Our showcasing services make you a leader and grab visitors’ attention

With every project, we enter a new level of creativity, providing the best innovative exhibition stand designs that help promote the client’s brand as large as possible. Our comprehensive service gives you security coordination with the organizer, logistics, and transport of your stand. In addition, we are one of Berlin’s leading exhibition stand builders. We have an entirely creative and highly in-house production team with enough experience to satisfy all needs of our customers. You will be the star of the show. As we make every showcase, we work a big success. And we need you to be happy. Also, from creating 3D exhibition stand designs, graphic printing, and assembly of the stand for the disassembly of non-standard structures, we can do it all!

We live in a competitive world. Therefore we must be better. Better for you means better for us. We wear a wide customer-specific variation of the exhibition stand for the exhibition area according to customer requirements that emphasize the effectiveness of the brand to be an established customer brand on the market.


We will respond to your needs and cravings

  • Our exhibition stand designers focus on making your business a reality with custom stand designs that complement the brand theme to install. We will be creative in designing and finding the best exhibition stand solutions for you. We also make sure customers are up to speed, consider getting feedback, and work on it what is needed while providing the best location to host the exhibition at a realistic and competitive price. Finally, we offer an exclusive range of individually designed display stands with brand and product loyalty to the presentation.


  • We offer our customers a wide range of services to provide them with a smooth show. Organized project management and quality control have enabled us to produce thousands of successful shows for years. We will be transparent. Our services include stand design, graphic printing, Production, transport (to and from the exhibition center), assembly also dismantling stand.


  • We have been active in Germany for many years and understand that we show the rules and regulations in Germany better than anyone else exhibition stand design company in Germany. Therefore, when you book a stand with us, you can be sure that your show will continue smoothly.


Our speed of execution leads to enormous success 

Transparency in our prices and openness about what you can expect from us. Whether it is or not to create a concept, design a stand, or deliver at the exhibition, we believe in quick execution. We also do what we say. Be a true partner in the success of your showcase. If you are looking for design inspiration, we would be happy to provide you with design ideas free of charge and without obligation. ESS has booths with the most extensive online stand design catalog in Europe with the most competitive stand prices. Expo Stand Services can handle anything.

We will provide you with ready-made exhibition stand design ideas in Germany most visibility at the next exhibition. With great templates, you can have peace of mind and find your ideal show stand in Germany.

With a rich experience of years, Expo Stand Services has established itself in the exhibition construction industry in Europe and has developed into one of the most reliable exhibition stand builders.


Expo Stand Services provides you with those that are best for your brand

This is a Single project or completed turnkey project; our in-house experts will not do it leave before you are delighted. Our long history of centuries as an exhibition stand design company in Germany supported our geographic reach, vision, design, and construction of high-end exhibition stands. Our head office in Germany ensures that all your exhibition stand display needs is met.

Plan global teams are responsible for complete management services as well as administration. We have a strong network and resources to ensure the delivery of your stand at the exhibition center on time and even ensure effective and efficient assembly and disassembly of your stand up for you.

We follow Industry standards to ensure our customers receive redeemable leads and remarkable participation at all booths. In addition, our company experienced designers, project managers, and stand builders will provide a simple, turnkey solution for a one-way exhibition stand. This is the success of your show.

We know how to make high ROI at an exhibition

With every project, we push the boundaries of innovation and offer the best and most unique display designs to help customers promote your brands as much as possible. Because we think you should think of us as your stand partners in Europe. We are among the few exhibitions stand builders in Berlin, with our construction and innovative production staff able to manage all our consumer needs.

So do we manage everything from 3D exhibition stand designs to graphic printing and stand construction and dismantling of the cabin on request? Again, a team of experts in ESS is at your service.


What defines us as a top exhibition stand contractor?

Expo Stand Services is the most sought-after contractor for exhibition stands in Germany. Our talent resource pool comprises the most experienced exhibition stand designers in Europe. We offer a variety of custom exhibition stands for the exhibition space you need while emphasizing effective branding to help the business emerge. With accumulated years of experience, our designers understand your marketing requirements and create designs to help you stand out from the crowd.

With custom stand projects related to the brand, our exhibition stand designers focus on achieving your business goals. Working with Expo is synonymous with complete offer stand solutions in an overall carefree package and creative exhibition stand design in Germany. We, too, ensure customers are informed that we value and seek feedback to improve what is needed while providing an ideal location for exposure. We offer coats of arms quality and a wide range of exhibition stands at competitive prices, and that’s it because we are one of the best booth builders in Germany.

All in all:

We offer an exclusive range of bespoke exhibition stands to optimize the brand and product presentation. For clarity, we have all-inclusive option packages that help you make an informed purchasing decision.

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