What is WhatsApp Plus?

As with all networked applications, Instant messaging includes a significant potential in the design space. It’s a platform for all kinds of public, whether it’s an online business, a simple family chat, friends, chat, or entrepreneurial messaging; you can use instant messaging everywhere.

When we keep some light on instant messaging, the first app always gets downloaded on Smartphones while they’re newly bought is always WhatsApp. We secure our WhatsApp more than anything stored on our smartphones because it’s the absolute privacy required entity. But sadly, WhatsApp doesn’t offer a good amount of privacy and personalization features.

What if we change and revolutionize WhatsApp? That’s true, and we already did that with a new alteration named WhatsApp Plus. It’s the free MOD or revised version of WhatsApp designed for passionate messenger guys who finally got bored with official WhatsApp and found some unusual features on the instant messaging-sided internet.

With WhatsApp Plus, you can enjoy all the features and functionalities of your favorite messaging app without any compromise on security. You will find that it has an end-to-end encrypted chat system that ensures nobody but those in contact with each other have access to their messages; even when they’re not logged into their account!

The new UI looks stunningly beautiful thanks to it being designed from scratch by focusing heavily on simplicity so there are fewer distractions while using this tool for communicating purposes among friends or family members alike who may be apart across borders. You can also try Blue WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Plus Reborn.


No one can rename an app Plus APK without plus(ing) or adding additional features to make that app sound, or otherwise, that guy is scamming you. At this point, we’re offering you a tremendous number of elements as listed below, available on WhatsApp Plus for eternally free.

Hiding Options

Privacy would always be a plus point inside WA Plus. It contains so many hiding options unavailable on the official app, such as hiding blue tick, last seen, status seen, and Online status.

Themes Support

While lining up the above sections, we once told you about the personalization features of WhatsApp+. Except for the complicated moves, it also includes enormous pre-designed themes. Just install and use them!

Font Styles

Arial is the most hated font on the internet, as people are getting hella bored with it! You could try Plus WhatsApp with 20+ font styles on its interface if you get bored. Try being funky!

Anti Delete Message

Yesterday my friend sent me one of his funny images and deleted it instantly before looking at it. If such a thing frequently happens with you, Download GBWhatsApp APK  and enable the Anti-Delete feature to stop them from deleting messages for you.

Emoji Variant

Before getting ahead about Emojis, let me be clear that Emoji Variant doesn’t point to the emojis available on the bar. It’s the same emojis with different designs. You’re getting 6+ unique styles freely with this MOD. Do you want to try it now?

Hide Media from Gallery

When talking about the IMs or Instant Messaging protocols, media stuff is the most private. We can’t bear losing them or letting them be handed to the wrong hands. But official WhatsApp shows everything received and sent on WhatsApp in the Gallery app. Please stop doing that and download WhatsApp Plus, as it includes an option to hide media from the gallery.

DND Mode

Someone might find it hard to believe, but we undoubtedly require a Flight Mode for the WhatsApp APK as the priority. If we’re busy with some work and enabling the internet, WhatsApp distracts us every single time. WhatsApp Plus provides a free DND, which disables the internet specifically for itself after allowing.

WhatsApp Lock

While trying to keep security at the above-most level, developers have added a WhatsApp lock within the app interface. Those who didn’t acquire a smartphone containing App Lock won’t be required to download a third-party app anymore, as WhatsApp Plus provides PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint accessibility. You can also Lock Specific Conversation with this mod.

Message Scheduling

Regardless of where we’re living, every tradition contains a hazardous number of events, festivals, and known days. Again, we’re supposed to send messages in bulk at the exact interval of that particular day. Thanks to WhatsApp Plus for offering a free Message Scheduling add-on, where you can schedule event messages anytime.

Hide Online

We all have loyalty inside our DNA, but sometimes it’s hard to show someone that we’re online, especially if we didn’t get what he sought from us. Don’t worry anymore! WhatsApp Plus will shield you with the Hide Online MOD to hide your online status for them, even if you’re chatting with someone.

Wrapping Up

Putting it all together and talking about the end, WhatsApp Plus APK, known as the best MOD ever developed for WhatsApp, legally includes all the above features. After owning this app, you’d get the actual WhatsApp servers with enormous additional privileges like some privacy add-on options, personalization options, preset themes, and big elegant stuff available on its interface.

Still, it also contains two drawbacks that we listed above in the particular Disadvantages section. If you’re finding this app overall good to make your WhatsApp and instant messaging service get turned into instant gratification or the best satisfaction, hit the above download button ASAP and initialize dealing with WA Plus APK from today.



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