Tourist Attractions in Hokkaido – Japan is made up of a bunch of islands, and each of them has its own beautiful scenery. It’s no surprise that Japan is also known as a place where people from other countries come to visit.

Even though Hokkaido is still less popular with tourists than places like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka on the main islands of Japan, many people still like to visit Japan’s northernmost island.

Yes, Hokkaido, also known as “雪国” or “yukiguni,” is the largest and most northern island in Japan. It covers an area of 83,456.58 km2, or 22% of the whole country. This island is a natural paradise and has a lot of amazing natural resources. Because of the name “yukiguni,” there are also a lot of snow-based sports in Hokkaido.

Why does everyone say that Hokkaido is the natural paradise? Because it has mountains, plateaus, rivers, lakes, seas, blue skies, and food that is just as good as that on Japan’s islands. It also has many interesting annual events that you should not miss.

There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to visit Hokkaido if you’re going to Japan. It has a different kind of charm than the famous cities on Honshu. So, here are some places to visit in Hokkaido that you can use as a guide if you plan to go there.

1. Odori Park

First, Tourist Attractions in Hokkaido is Odori Park is in the middle of Hokkaido City and is a park. In the middle of the park is the Sapporo TV Tower, which is a tower for a TV station. There are about 5,000 trees with flowers in this park alone. In the spring, lilacs bloom in a very pretty way.

In the winter, Odori Park is turned into a place where a winter festival can be held. Ice sculptures will be on display for people to look at. Any way you look at it, you will have a vacation to remember if you go to Odori Park in the winter.

2. Otaru Canal

The 1,140 meter long dam spans the original coastline and reclaimed land offshore. Tourists can visit the Otaru Canal during the day or at night. At night, the lights that illuminate along the dam will add to the warm atmosphere.

The best time to tour the Otaru Canal is every February. This month there will be a snow festival, where many candles will be floated along the dam. You will feel a serene and romantic atmosphere when you see the dam filled with dim light from candles.

3. Asahiyama Zoo

When else can you safely get close to wild animals? At the Asahiyama Zoo, you can get closer to the animals, but there is always someone watching out for your safety.

For example, if you want to get close to polar bears or black wolves, this zoo has a very strong glass dome that you can look through. People can’t get close to the animals in this area because of this glass dome.

Asahiyama Zoo not only lets you get close to animals, but it also has a collection of penguins and an aquarium dome that shows you life under the sea.

4. Shirogane Blue Pond

Have been to West Java’s Kawah Putih. If so, the image of Shirogane Blue Pond will make you feel like you’ve seen it before. This place of interest is like Kawah Putih, but the water here is really light blue.

Why is the water in this place blue? From what he said, the groundwater around this place has aluminium in it. When it gets mixed with the water from the Biei-gawa river, it makes a blue colloid that changes the colour of the water around it.

If you want to see the Shirogane Blue Pond’s beautiful views, you should come in the winter. In the winter, the white snow stands out against the blue water, making for a sight that is soothing to look at.

5. Sapporo JR Tower

It’s not Japan if there aren’t any modern places to visit that are good for tourists from big cities. Like the Sapporo JW Tower. This building has 38 floors and is used for offices, restaurants, and shopping. This building has its own star hotel as well.

Want to know more about the Sapporo JR Tower as a whole? You might want to try to get into it. Tourists who are tired of travelling too far and want to find entertainment all in one place can go to this building.

These are some Tourist Attractions in Hokkaido that people go to for fun. There are still a lot of other places you can visit. While you’re in Hokkaido seeing the sights, don’t forget to try some of the local food, like Hokkaido crab, seafood, and shiroi koibito, which is a snack that’s only found there.

We hope that those of you who are going to Sakura Country will use what we’ve said here as a guide. Don’t forget to keep reading to find out about other interesting places to visit in Vacation Indonesia

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