Ayurveda, one of the earliest holistic medical systems, developed from the ages-old Vedic texts. Ayurveda emphasizes that the body, mind, and soul must exist in a delicate equilibrium. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha all have their proper proportions in a healthy body. The imbalance of the tri-doshas or three basic constituents is the primary cause of all diseases. Ayurvedic remedies place a strong emphasis on locating the out-of-equilibrium element, restoring it to harmony, and reviving the body and mind.

Ayurvedic remedies are now advocated as the greatest preventative strategies for a variety of general and lifestyle disorders. Ayurvedic remedies are becoming more and more popular among ages as more individuals choose them to treat their illnesses and regain their health. Kerala is the ideal destination for people seeking the best Ayurveda therapies and treatments because it is the most sought-after location for such therapies. The capital of Kerala, Trivandrum, is one of the top tourist attractions in the world, drawing thousands of visitors daily to experience the wonders of Ayurveda and its age-old medical practices. Listed below are the top ten ayurvedic hospitals in Trivandrum.


 Leelajani Ayur Care, a well-known ayurvedic hospital in Trivandrum, offers comprehensive Ayurvedic care for all types of illnesses. Led by a group of specialists, Leelajani Ayur Care provides genuine Ayurvedic care for a variety of illnesses, including slip disc problems, respiratory problems, gynecological disorders, neurological disorders, infertility, arthritis, paralysis, psoriasis, skin and hair diseases, post-delivery care, and many other conditions that require the best possible care and attention. In addition to restoring your physical and mental wellness, Leelajani Ayur Care excels at providing thorough treatments for illnesses that other medical specialties have deemed incurable. The two main highlights of Leelajani Ayur Care are Ayurveda Karkidaka Therapy (Chikitsa) and Panchakarma therapy.


Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, was established in 1889 and is a pioneering center for high-quality Ayurvedic care in Kerala. The Maharaja of Travancore at the time founded the hospital. Since it was founded, the hospital has served as a destination for many with various illnesses. There are both inpatient and outpatient services available at the hospital, along with a team of highly skilled Ayurvedic physicians who are highly qualified to treat any illness.]


Dr. Salini L.S., a young and energetic ayurvedic physician in Trivandrum, is the true owner of Saatwika Ayurveda Treatment Center. Saatwika’s mission is to enable everyone to lead a healthy life. Pure ayurveda treatments are the major focus of Saatwika, and its traditional approach to ayurvedic treatments includes stringent regulations.


This well-known Ayurvedic hospital in Trivandrum has multiple branches around Kerala. All of the hospitals have professional panels of skilled Ayurveda physicians that specialize in providing non-invasive treatments to give total cures for a variety of problems, such as varicose veins, skin conditions, infertility, psoriasis, diabetes, liver disorders, etc. To relieve patients with a variety of disorders, Kottakkal AryaVaidya Sala employs several specialized treatments recommended in the old medical texts in a way that meets the unique requirements of contemporary patients.


Sanjeevani Ayurveda Hospital & Research Institute founded in 1996 boasts a group of youthful, energetic physicians operating around the clock under the supervision of a group of specialists. Sanjeevani treats patients using cutting-edge scientific diagnostic tools, yet rigorously adheres to Ayurvedic prescription guidelines while dispensing medication. Sanjeevani has modern equipment and qualified staff to deliver the Special Kerala style of therapy methodically.


Ayurmana is a prestigious Ayurvedic hospital established by Dharma Ayurveda in Trivandrum. It provides a welcoming environment for the potent treatments of the most recognized, age-old healing tradition, Ayurveda, to work their magic on your mind, body, and soul.  The treatments use tried-and-true methods and the best Ayurvedic care available in Kerala to produce quick but long-lasting healing.


The 23 years of inherited traditional Ayurvedic knowledge have been successfully applied by Elixir Ayurveda Hospital & Wellness Center, making them the best and top ayurvedic treatment facility in Trivandrum. They make it possible to truly practice Ayurveda and provide each client with individualized care at every point of interaction.


The primary goal of this Varkala-based Ayurvedic hospital is to provide patients from all over India and beyond with genuine and specialized Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Their contribution to the practice and spread of Ayurveda is noteworthy and exemplary. Here, you may get a large variety of Ayurveda medications as well as professional medical advice and treatments. Here in Namasthe, skilled medical professionals only administer medication after determining the precise source of the illness. As a result, the disease’s underlying cause can be treated, allowing the patient to receive a thorough and all-encompassing course of care.


This Ayurveda hospital offers numerous Ayurvedic therapy modalities in their most natural state. A good team of highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors is available around-the-clock to treat you and eradicate the ailment from its source. The hospital is located in a spotless environment and has all the equipment required for Ayurveda treatments. Additionally, it features specially designed rooms for all therapies and well-equipped Panchakarma treatment facilities.


The brilliant visionary Padmasree Dr. J. Hareendran Nair founded Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda Hospital, and his tireless work opened the path for its amazing expansion from a research centre and clinic to one of the most renowned Ayurvedic organizations in India. During years of an ongoing study at Pankajakasthuri, they produced a wide range of medications and treatment approaches for liver and renal illnesses, asthma, diabetes, coronary artery diseases, cancer, and many other conditions.

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