When choosing a conference table, you need to consider how many people will be seated at the table. You also want to think about where the table will be placed in your room.

The right size conference table is essential to ensuring a successful meeting. It must fit the space and accommodate the number of employees you expect to sit at it.


Rectangular conference tables are standard for office spaces and are available in a range of sizes to fit the dimensions of your room. They offer ample surface space and are ideal for group meetings with employees and clients.

Rectangles are also easy to move around, making them the perfect option for open-plan workspaces or areas with limited floor space. These tables are available in a wide variety of finishes, including wood and metal.

The base of a rectangular table is also an important design feature to consider. Whether you opt for a natural wood finish or a brushed steel base, your choice will play an important role in how it looks and functions.


To determine the right size for your space, subtract a 3-foot walkway from the total room dimension. This ensures that there is enough space for your employees and guests to comfortably navigate from one side of the table to another.

Once you have determined the size of your conference table, you will need to calculate how many chairs you will need. This will help you keep everyone comfortable and avoid a cramped work environment.

Lastly, be sure to consider your budget when deciding on the type of table you need for your space. A solid wood table with a natural edge is a classic choice that can last for years to come.

The base of a conference table is another important design feature to consider. Whether you go with a wooden base or a metal base, your choice will play an important role as it helps to portray your stylistic goals.


Round conference tables are a versatile solution for many meeting rooms. They can be used in a variety of settings from boardrooms to classrooms and even small private offices. In addition to their practical uses, round conference tables are also popular with designers and architects because of their stylish design and compact size.

The round conference table is one of the most common options for meeting spaces because it is easy to arrange and occupy. It is also versatile, as it can be positioned in different ways to accommodate various needs.

Another advantage of the round table is that it allows attendees to see each other easily. This is especially important if they are using projectors, white boards or other visual aids during presentations.


The boat-shaped conference table is a popular option for many companies. The curved sides of these tables allow employees to easily see each other from any position on the table, making them ideal for things like office presentations and video conferences.

These types of tables are also available in many different sizes and styles to meet the needs of any business. They come in a wide range of colors and materials so you can choose a conference table that looks great and fits perfectly into your office space.

Whether you are looking for a traditional wood table or one with a modern finish, we have the right conference tables to meet your needs. Our expert designers can work with you to ensure that your new custom table will work within the space and style of your office.

When you purchase a custom conference table, our design team will send you drawings and samples for your review. Then, they will begin working on the manufacturing process. This allows you to get your finished product quickly, so you can use it right away.

You can customize your custom conference table with your company logo and branding or by installing power and data ports, depending on your needs. Using these features will add a professional, polished feel to your space, which can be important for meeting attendees and presenters.

Height Adjustable

Height adjustable conference tables allow you to sit and stand comfortably in a conference room while fostering comfort and movement in collaborative settings. They also help boost your team’s energy and creativity while providing a healthy alternative to sitting for long periods of time.

UPLIFT Desk offers height adjustable conference tables in two frame styles: a 2-leg and 4-leg, each with a distinctive stability brace to eliminate lower crossbars. This design gives you the space you need to accommodate up to six users, with enough room for them to stretch their legs and work at a comfortable standing or sitting height.

The frame comes in black, white, industrial style, or gray to complement any workspace. The table top is available in a variety of desktop colors and styles, including Greenguard-Gold Certified laminates, natural bamboo, and many 100% solid wood options.

While standing meetings are becoming more common in the workplace, a conventional table can still be necessary for longer meetings. UPLIFT Desk offers an electric height adjustable conference table with a range of up to 78″ in a two-leg frame or up to 80″ in a four-leg frame.

UPLIFT’s advanced digital memory keypad allows you to program up to four programmable height memory buttons to store your preferred standing or sitting height, so you can get back to the right position for your group with just a push of a button. The table even temporarily locks the height adjustment when you’re not using it.

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