Kitchen Worktops:

Naturally, stone materials have been utilized in homes for years. If you take note of your property today, you may find some stone serving as a countertop in your Kitchen Worktops in Birmingham or a toilet vanity.

Due to various levels of sturdiness, versatility and manageability, natural and engineered stone has emerged as a staple in most kitchens and bathrooms.

While accurately, those are the most common places to include natural stone, quartz or compact surface, they all percentage one critical trait: they shouldn’t be restrained to countertop projects. Whether or not it’s a fire surround, outdoor kitchen or mudroom, using stone past the kitchen or toilet can help raise and transform your space.

Fireplace Surround:

Add a few characters for your living area by growing an additional fire surround. Granite is very durable and heat-resistant, making it perfect for timber-burning fireplaces. The massive type of shades and patterns allows you to personalize your fire.

Quartz can add a lovely, undying aesthetic to your house if your home opts for fuel or electric fireplaces. Quartz is an engineered stone that may mimic marble veining without pressure about maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchen:

Outdoor gatherings have never been extra widespread, and incorporating stone into your out of doors area makes the vicinity even additional inviting. Granite is seamless for high-visitor regions.

As the scrape and stain resistance can endure almost any weather condition. Our compact floor stone also makes for an excellent outdoor set-up. This engineered material also resists high heat levels and is easy to maintain.


Like some stone placements, the place is the most critical determinant of what stone best suits your wishes. With mudrooms, you’re likely to expect tons of traffic with the approaching and going of your family.

The strength and rare safety of quartz and its compact surface make these stones an excellent choice for your mudroom. A seating place, countertop space or backsplash, and stone accents in a mudroom can transform the look and sense of an, in any other case, underestimated site.

Using stone in your home doesn’t need to forestall the most traditional uses. Whether considering a small or huge task, Sun Light KB lets you design your property to suit you and your aesthetic.

We have been in the industry for decades and offer an exhaustive range of granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, quartz and compact floor with diverse colours to supplement any design. Our team takes excellent satisfaction from their varied experience to deliver your imaginative and prescient life.  Contact us today to see for yourself how stone can enhance your property.

Kitchen Worktops Birmingham
Kitchen Worktops Birmingham

Marble Vs Quartz WORKTOPS?

When picking your next countertop, you should recall several elements: What works best for your design, your environment, and most importantly, your budget? To choose the right countertop for your place, here are four elements to remember while evaluating the features and expenses of quartz vs marble.


Quartz—a person-made, engineered product of herbal stone fused with polymer resin— is increasingly recognized due to its beauty and durability.

On the other hand, classic marble—a natural metamorphosed limestone or dolomite rock—remains applicable and hails from some international sites worldwide.


If you opt for consistency, then quartz is a safe guess. It is uniform in shade and sample; the design colour you choose is precisely what you may count on to get. Quartz also can intently mimic the look of natural stone.

A product like Calacatta Quartz or Carrara Quartz offers you the look of marble without the maintenance. There also are some colourings to choose from, which include bold colours like pink and blue, so whether you want modern or conventional looks, you’ll be able to find a colouration and design that fits your specific style aesthetic.

However, marble is a conventional splendour that adds elegance and an undying look to any room. A natural stone, every marble slab’s colouring and veining are one-of-a-types, like Crema Marfil Marble and Calacatta Marble.

If this is what you’re searching out, understand that a high-stop, unique feature, which includes marble countertops, can also grow your property’s value. In other words, the extra expense is probably worth it for you.

Overall, quartz is a greater affordable alternative that could mimic the look of marble without the heavy price tag or required renovation, but marble is…well, it’s marble! Whether you need low-maintenance countertops or a one-of-a-type instantly classic, whilst you’re equipped to improve your countertops, visit Sun Light KB for a massive kind of quartz and natural stone products.

Call us before you go to Kitchen Worktops in Leicester, and we’ll ensure that one of all our expert kitchen designers is accessible whilst you reach to expose you to the show kitchens we’ve installed.

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