Do you know what is an electric dab rig? As the name suggests e-rigs are electricity powered warm the heating cavity and help in vaporizing liquids. Hence, these are relatively easier to use as compared to conventional dab rigs or oil rigs. So, if you want to know about the vaping experience, there was a survey conducted in which more than 60% of the participants claimed that the vaping experience is as satisfying as smoking. Though, vaping is comparatively less disastrous to health than smoking. Moreover, more than 78% of the survey participants agreed that they experienced an improvement in their overall well-being after they replaced vaping with smoking. 

Now, that vaping has been declared safer and highly satisfying, you might want to explore more details. 

What is an Electric Rig? 

An electric rig or e-rig is an electrical vaporizing device ideal for wax and concentrates. The traditional way was to use an external heat source to vaporize the distillate, however, now you can use this device as per your desired temperature and enjoy. 

What are the Uses of E-Rig? 

E-rig is a specialized device to vaporize distillate and wax items, however, you can also use it to atomize dry herbs. If you wish to use a water filtration system and are looking for a durable and portable device, then an e-rig is the ultimate option for you. 

How Can You Use the E-Rig? 

Though you can use e-rigs in several ways. However, the standardized approach to using the e-rig is: 

  • Use buttons or touch screen to power your device 
  • Adjust the temperature 
  • Load the distillate in the heating cavity

How Much Money do I Need to Purchase an E-Rig? 

If you are looking to purchase an e-rig, the price ranges from $90 to $400. The price varies depending on the quality and features. 

How Are Wax Vaporizers and E-Rigs Different? 

E-rigs are usually heavier and ideal for people who like to enjoy powerful vaping episodes. On the contrary, wax vaporizers are portable and carry less material. 

Which are the Top 5 Electric Dab Rigs That You Can Choose for a Smooth and Efficient Dabbing Experience? 

Now, that you are inspired by vaping, you might want to explore what is the best e-dab rig.

1: Dr. Dabber Boost Evo Electric Dab Rig

Another Best Electric Dab Rig is the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo which has been carefully designed using meek technology to offer the most perfect experience ever. So, if you wish to indulge in a flawless dabbing experience every time, you must opt for this. 

Here is why you should choose it: 

  • An in-build patent temperature control sensor 
  • Features six heat settings that has been standardized as per the feedback of the boost users, allowing you to enjoy a consistent experience every time. 
  • Includes a custom quartz dish, substitutable glass, remarkable RGB ambient lighting, and astonishingly strong battery life 

2: High Five Duo E-Rig and Dry Herb E-rig

If you are looking for a radical dual-purpose vaporizer to enjoy herbs and distillates, opt for high five duo e-rig and dry herb e-rig. The best thing about this e-rig is that it comprises of food and medical grade supplies, and a top-notch battery pack for long-term use. The swift USB-C charging and pass-through charging feature simultaneously charge the device while supporting its entire functionality. So, it has a competitive edge over other e-rig varieties available in the market. 

Here are the reasons to purchase it: 

  • 16mm cavity for extensive capacity 
  • Extraordinary user experience 
  • Durable stainless steel vaporizer 
  • No recurring vaporizer failure due to tacky distillate and residue accumulation 
  • Smart heating system for an enhanced flavor and potency of components 
  • Freedom to set the temperature 
  • Touch button to regulate the duration of the session 

3: Puffco Peak Pro Electric Dab Rig

Puffco Peak Pro is another great option for vaping lovers. Here is why you should purchase it: 

  • The distinct feedback loop and temperature sensor make it an ideal e-rig 
  • Special ceramic chamber for an enhanced flavor 
  • Top-notch filtration system can withstand any temperature 
  • Comes with a special app that allows you to control time and temperature via Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Uses a greater amount of distillate to provide you with an enriched taste 
  • A new standard for distillate consumption technology 
  • Ideal for novices as they can enjoy the most effective and flawless way to indulge in the magic of distillate 
  • And mavens, can enjoy the greatest customization level and control 
  • Features a unique sensor that is positioned in the chamber and helps maintain the desired temperature 
  • Allows you to make micro-regulations to reach your desired temperature 

Hence, if you are looking to enjoy a consistent and regulated dabbing experience, Puffco Peak Pro is for you. 

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4:Lookah Unicorn Electric Dab Rig

If you are looking for the next generation of e-rigs, then lookah unicorn is a good option. Here is why you should choose it: 

  • Offers a highly efficient and satisfying vaping experience to the users 
  • Carefully fabricated with cutting-edge vaporizer and alluring connection 
  • Pioneering design that will impress the dabbing experts 
  • Promises a pure and enhanced flavor in every hit 
  • Ideal for vaping at home or on the go
  • Swift-connect percolator with matching vapor paths direct from the quartz vaporizer to support ideal airflow 
  • Powered by a 1900mAh battery allows you to extract the highest content from distillate and enjoy a full charge 
  • Uniform heat distribution and max vapor production due to evenly spaced coils across the core
  • LED Light Ring around the power tab that displays battery and heat cycle info as required 
  • The feedback helps keep timing exact and keeps you updated regarding the pre-heat and heating cycles. Hence, you can enjoy a flawless hit every time. 
  • You can find the substitutable glass cone (made of dense borosilicate glass) cozily placed in the silicone dish. 
  • This coffeepot ideally sifts the vapor allowing you to take big rips. 
  • The silicon mouthpiece will keep your vaping experience smooth by preventing spillage. 
  • The e-rig uses a powerful magnet that strongly grips the top and bottom of the rig, hence offering you an easy and graceful solution to load the cup 
  • There are three temperature settings that allow you to set the temperature as per your need. 

5: Halo Smart E-Rig Electric Dab Rig from VLAB

If you are fond of investing in a durable e-rig that will promise an enriched taste every time, Halo Smart E-Rig is for you. Here is why you should purchase it: 

  • It features three temperature settings (480F, 600F, and 750F) that you can perfectly calibrate to enjoy the best flavor. Whether you love small or large dabs or varied types of concentrates, its temperature settings are ideal for everything. 
  • The nichrome coil has low heat conductivity and high resistance. So, when you need to switch to higher temperatures, it will gradually heat up, ensuring that you enjoy the most delectable hits.  
  • It comes with two inserts including ceramic and quartz that proficiently extract the most useful ingredients in the distillate so that you enjoy smooth, flavorsome, and full-form clouds. 
  • The 8 percolation holes support better filtration of vapor ascertaining that every hit is as flawless as a diamond.
  • The half-a-minute sesh mode option offers convenience by alarming you when the desired temperature is ready and you can enjoy it.

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