During the Wei Dynasty, which began in 220 AD and lasted until 960 AD, the Chinese were first exposed to an earlier game variant. Even though it was 토토사이트considered unlawful gambling during the reign of Empress Jito from 690 to 697 AD, the game was popular among Japanese players. However, the game was made illegal during that time.


Backgammon spread to Europe from Asia, although it was recognized by that name in 1645 AD when the Irish called it backgammon. Before that, it was known as the game. Before that time, people usually referred to it as Tabula or Tables.


The game was believed to first arrive in Europe in 902 토토사이트AD via Italy and Spain. It was in the year 1025 AD that the English were exposed to the game. As a direct consequence of the rules being fine-tuned almost continuously, there has never been a clear understanding of the previous gameplay or the specific process by which it developed.


Edmund Hoyle is credited with being the one who first published the canonical guidelines in the year 1743.

In the early 20th century, backgammon was played in exclusive private clubs by people of higher social standing. The United States made a significant contribution to the game in 1920 when New York City saw the development of the doubling cube. The doubling cube contributed to the overall improvement of the game from a wagering point of view.


An American legal dispute from 1982

Backgammon and its connection to wagering have been the subject of much debate throughout its history. An illustration of this occurred in 1982 in the United States when the state of Oregon claimed that backgammon is a game of chance and, therefore, ought to be subject to the gambling laws implemented throughout the state.


Ted Barr, who directed backgammon tournaments, was charged with being the perpetrator in this case. Barr’s attorney’s argument was based on the assertion that the game of backgammon lacks an essential component of gambling, precisely the element of surprise or the concealment of information. Bets in blackjack, for instance, are made with the assumption that the player does not know the dealer’s hand. When playing poker, knowing what cards your opponents have in their palms is impossible.


On the other hand, there are no hidden agendas in the game of backgammon. You and the other person are presented with the same information to work with and starting points that are identical to one another. The board is also in front of you.


The judge agreed with Barr that there was a significant distinction between a game of skill and traditional casino games, and the court ruled in his favor. As a result, it was possible to conclude that he was not advocating for unlawful gambling.

Let the Competitions Get Started!

The 1960s marked the beginning of the period of backgammon tournaments, which made it possible for players from all over the world to compete against one another in a sanctioned environment.

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