The traditional gameplay of Triple Play video 메이저사이트poker is transformed into a completely new experience when a Super Hand component is added to the mix. You may already have a good idea of what this means, but just in case: Now, rather than drawing to the same dealt hand three times, you have the option of picking the hand that you think is the finest out of three and then removing to that hand three times.


The pay tables for each of the nine variations of메이저사이트 video poker that can be played on the Super Hand Poker machine are entirely different. These pay tables generally follow the guidelines set forth by the industry for each video poker format.


In addition, five games, including Bonus Poker Deluxe, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Jacks or Better, and Triple Double Bonus, offer players the opportunity to select from two different prize tables. Changing the rewards for three hands, four of a kind, a whole house, and a flush is the basis for the alternative pay tables. In video poker terminology, alternative pay tables are denoted by the notation “X – Y – Z,” and you may see these three figures written in that format.

Although the payouts for two or three hands are slightly different, each pay table appears to be mostly the same for each video poker version.


Continue reading to learn how these payout adjustments affect your anticipated return, also known as the payback percentage, and the advantage the house enjoys over you, and then move on to the next section.

The distinct variations

The distinct variations of video poker contained within Super Hand Poker machines each require a distinctive strategy when determining which cards to eliminate and which ones to draw from. Playing Deuces Wild requires its unique approach, which cannot be applied to other poker games like Jacks or Better or any of the others.


For this reason, if you are looking for content that outlines basic strategies for playing your hands in these games, we respectfully suggest that you look at the legendary Wizard of Odds website casino game analyst Michael created. In his introduction to video poker, which can be found at site, he explains the fundamentals of the game. He provides comprehensive strategy guides for all of the significant variations and a few less common ones.


Regarding the approach you should take when playing Super Hand Poker in particular, there are two general rules that you should always bear in mind.


First, the game’s designated Super Hand should always remain in the bottommost position. You might not concur with the computer’s evaluation of the anticipated value of each hand. Still, you can rest assured that the automatic Super Hand will always be selected based on the hand that offers the greatest potential return throughout the game. Any deviations you make due to the desire to chase draws, such as three-card royal flush draws, which are popular among casual players, will unavoidably reduce the expected return rate.


Other, when playing Super Hand Poker, you should always consider game selection theory. There are nine different games available, and some of them naturally cater more to participants’ needs than others. Because it has one of the lowest house edges on the casino floor, Jacks or Better, for example, has become the standard video poker offering throughout the globe. This contrasts niche variants such as Double Bonus, associated with greater volatility and a higher house edge.

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