The bathroom is the place where you can relax your stress and worries. So, we recommend you take special care to keep your bath space clean, airy, and fresh. You need to create a perfect relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom so that you can enjoy being there.

However, you need to hire a professional in your location to build your dream bathroom.

If you are searching for the best Los Gatos contractors, then you should contact Bowman Remodeling. So, let us understand how you can plan a bathroom remodeling project by following these basic tips.

Prepare a Home Improvement Project Plan

Your bathroom remodeling project is a big task that should include a proper plan. You can take references from various home remodeling websites to select your design and proceed with the design to prepare a layout plan for the same.

You should understand that DIY projects involve a lot of hassles and take a lot of time of yours. So, hire a professional in your location to avoid future hassles.

Hire a professional contractor

The next step would be to choose the right contractor who is experienced enough to carry out such a big project without creating any problems for you. Remember, a trusted contractor has all the contacts of skilled workers who can deliver quality services.

Set your Budget

Focus on your priorities and plan your project accordingly. Set a realistic budget for your bathroom renovation project that includes all the necessary things such as building materials, decorative items, flooring, permits, finishing touches, and labor charges.

This will help provide a direction to your renovation work and will make sure you won’t proceed on the project aimlessly. You can search on the internet or take references to find out the best general contractor in your location and discuss your requirements with them to plan a budget for the project.

However, you should understand that there can be additional expenses if you make changes to your plan.

Initial preparation:

You can start with inspecting the bathroom, taking measurements, and preparing a layout plan to remodel your bathroom. While inspecting your bathroom, the expert remodelers will figure out what needs to be upgraded in your bathroom.

Then you can take the exact measurements to install new bath items and floor tiles by replacing the old ones. Then, take the help of experts to prepare a computerized layout plan so that they can give a direction to the bathroom remodeling project.

You can make changes to the plan if you do not find it functional.

Focus on Flooring:

The bathroom should have non-slippery flooring, which will ensure the safety of your family members.

The homeowners prefer luxury vinyl plank/tile, tile (ceramic and porcelain), hardwood, natural stone tile, waterproof laminate flooring, stained concrete, and engineered bamboo flooring for the bathroom.

However, experts give priority to the customer’s needs and install flooring as per their requirements.

Arrange permits:

For extensive bathroom makeover projects, you will need permits as you will need to change the construction of your bathroom.  This will include plumbing and electrical installations, a master bath makeover, and a complete renovation of your bathroom.

So, our bathroom remodelers will help arrange permits for your master bathroom expansion projects.

Schedule inspections:

After you finish a certain phase of your bathroom remodeling work, you should arrange inspections with the concerned authorities. You general contractor should help schedule the inspections and handover the project in time. After the bathroom remodeling is finished, You should arrange a final inspection to complete the procedure.


A bathroom remodeling project can become smooth if you plan it properly. If you cannot make out how to carry out such projects, then you should contact our professionals who will guide you with adequate information. Moreover, they will help you arrange all the necessary permits so that you can avoid all the legal hassles in the long run.

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