If you are in the event hosting business, we are sure you know what an event proposal is and what its purpose is. When it comes to the purposes an event proposal fulfills, there are several factors that one can keep in mind. An event proposal can help you get sponsorship for your event, clients as event organizers, and even stakeholders. 

An event proposal doesn’t come to mind when we talk about the necessities of planning and hosting an online event. However, an event proposal is one of those few elements that will add up to your event execution and help you deliver a seamless experience. An event proposal serves as a link between the event and the event organizers, allowing the event to run smoothly. Also, as not many know, an event proposal becomes necessary when you wish to approach corporate clients. Event proposals document your entire document, which becomes helpful in pitching your event to potential clients. 


To define an event proposal, one can understand it as a document that contains all the information about an event. The event organizers create the event proposal in the beginning stages of the event planning process. Speaking of the purposes that an event proposal fulfills, the event organizers use an event proposal to send to the clients who will be using the services and the online event platform


Other than this, event organizers also use event proposals for sponsorships. Event proposals come in handy when the event organizers try to approach any brand about sponsoring their online events. 


Now that you know the meaning of an event proposal, let’s take a look at all the elements that should be included in an event proposal. 


The major components and the basic design of the event proposal depend on the type and design of the event. However, a few elements are common, and they are: 


  1. The date, type and format of the event. Apart from this, add your target audience. Not only this, you should also include the objectives of your event. 
  2. In the proposal, add why your clients should work with you. 
  3. Your past event data will act as supportive data, don’t forget to include it in the proposal. This data will help them understand more about your objectives and what actually you do. 
  4. You would also want to let the client know why you are special, and therefore, you should include your USPs in the event proposal. 


Here’s how you should write an event proposal in 2023.

Below is a rough outline of the elements you should add to your proposal as per their sections. You can create your event proposal with this rough outline. 


1. Introduction

The first and most important section of your proposal contains an introduction to your event. Here, you should add the cover page of your proposal and, along with it, your event’s name. In addition to that, you must also include your contact information, your web URL, and links to your social media handles. 


2. Event’s Outline

Now that you have added the basic information about your event, you should add the outline of your event. In this section, add the time and date of your event. Also, if it is a physical event, mention the event’s venue. But if it is a virtual event, mention the online event platform that you have chosen for the event. Speaking of the online event platform, make sure that you choose the best online event platform available in the market. It will ensure that you execute your event seamlessly. 

Also, while you are creating the event proposal, make sure that you keep the language clear and crisp. Not only this, but to make sure that the clients read the entire proposal and don’t end up skipping the entire document altogether, use compelling and easy-to-understand language. 

This section of the event proposal should ideally contain: 

  • Details of your previous editions of this event, if you have hosted it before. 
  • The objective of this event, and the entire concept. 
  • Add the audience you have targeted and how many people you are expecting to show up.
  • Add the speakers and guests who will be present at the event and the celebrities who you have approached. 
  • Apart from all these factors, you should also add why your audience shouldn’t miss out on the event. In short, add the USP of your event. 
  • Add your budget and the estimated cost of your event. 


3.Your Contact Information 

In this section, you should include your contact details and these elements: 

  • The name and logo of your organization. 
  • Contact details
  • A brief description of your company
  • The reason your clients should come onboard. In other words, you should explain the value you are delivering to your client. 
  • Also, don’t forget to add the objective of your event. 


4. Your Target Audience

Moving onto the next section, you should talk a bit about the audience group you are targeting for your event. Along with the audience group you are targeting, mention the reason behind targeting that particular group. Apart from that, you should also add other relevant information about your target group. Not only this, but talk in figures and data. Mention the number of attendees you wish to have at your online event and some data to support the number you are targeting. If this is not the first time you are hosting an event, you should add data and information from past events and editions. 


5. Plan of Your Event

Now, you should add other important information about the event and add sections such as your sponsorship plan and the value you are delivering with your event. Not only this, you should also add a compelling CTA that compels the clients to take the necessary action. Also, at the end, add a summary of the entire event proposal and end the event proposal. 

Event proposals are another important part of your event, and if you wish to target expert brands for your event, you need to create a professional and well-designed event proposal. While you are writing the proposal, make sure that it is clear and has the same clarity as your thoughts. 


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