Backgammon’s tabletop layout takes up very little space. When folded up, the board looks like a small suitcase when closed. Everything slots 메이저사이트together neatly within the fold-up board. Before moving on to the moves and the strategy, it is essential to have a clear comprehension of the various aspects of the game. This is necessary to move forward. When you assemble your first game board, you may find the accompanying explanation of the gaming areas and a glossary of terms helpful.

Game Components

The following is a list the necessary components for playing a backgammon game.


  • Checkerboard with 30 individual pieces, each of which is one of two different colors
  • Dice in the form of two pairs.
  • Two dice containers (optional)
  • Increasing the size of the cube using the digits 2, 4, 8, 15, 32, and 64
  • The Most Important Elements of the Most Important Elements


One point is equal to one playing space, which can also 메이저사이트be thought of as one action. The individual who rolls the dice is the one who racks up the points, and each dot on the dice is worth one point in total. If, for example, a player rolls a two on one of the dice, they can move two spaces or points in the direction of their home region. Alternatively, they can choose to stay where they are. Numerous checkers can assemble in a single location; however, all checkers must belong to the same player for this to be possible. It is not feasible for two players to make use of the same point or game space at the same time.

Every participant completes their turn on the game board in the section corresponding to their home, the final and most significant quarter section. The checkers are played during the game’s final stage, and once they have finished this segment, they are removed from the board. This takes place after the checkers have reached the end of the game. The beginning location of the game is determined by convention to be the home territory of your opponent. The section of the map is the farthest away from where you are currently located.


The bar’s location in the center of the board is considered the most critical position. This will be when the wrinkle appears on the game board when folded in half. When a checker that belongs to a player is “hit,” it is first placed temporarily on the bar and then “hit” again. This continues until the checker can be moved back into play.


If two or more of your opponent’s checkers are currently positioned in a position, then that position is considered to be blocked. Your checker cannot be moved to a location blocked from movement.

Blot A blot is a location or place in the game of checkers where only one checker is resting on it. Blots can be created by moving checkers around the board. Because it does not serve as a barrier between them and the adversary, the individual protected by it is vulnerable to attack.

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