One of Evolution Gaming’s most popular Live Games, Lighting Roulette 안전놀이터  is presented by friendly hosts who welcome player interaction. Everything the excitement of Live Roulette, including the wheel, dealer, and betting possibilities, is brought to you in a game show setting with fantastic music and lighting effects and even more opportunities to win big! Lighting Roulette: How Does It Operate?

The rules of Lightning Roulette are quite similar to those of European Roulette. In contrast, between 1 and 5 fortunate numbers are hit with multipliers from 50x to 500x before the roulette wheel spins in each round. After then, play proceeds in the same manner as standard roulette, with the added possibility of increased payouts thanks to your fortunate numbers.

If you bet on a number in a roulette game and that number gets “bolted” (multiplied), you may earn anywhere from fifty to five hundred times your original wager. Betting on non-bolted numbers still pay off, albeit at reduced odds of 30 to 1. The odds on all other bets in Lightning Roulette are the same as in European or American roulette.

 Lightning Roulette Start the round playing and wait for it to finish.

To start the second round, the dealer will allow you around 20 seconds to make your bets.

Three After the betting is over, the dealer will flick a switch to reveal one of five fortunate numbers. A random multiplier, between 50x and 500x, is applied to each digit.

The dealer throws the ball into the roulette wheel.

As the ball comes to a standstill, the outcome is revealed. The current round of Lightning Roulette has concluded, and play may now resume.

Roulette’s Probability of Light Sources

You may place the same bets in Lightning Roulette that you would in regular roulette, so there’s no need to learn both sets of rules 안전놀이터.

In a straight line (covers 1 number) Black or Red? : Odds of 30 to 1 (covers 18 numbers) 1/1 Odds: Even Money (covers 18 numbers) – High or Low with probability of 1 to 1 (covers 1-18 or 19-36) Columns – 1 to 1 Odds (covers 12 numbers) – Dozens/Thirds chances of 2 to 1 (covers 12 numbers) – 2 to 1 odds Lightning Data on How Often Roulette Is Played

After the ball has finished rolling around the wheel, you may put a wager on the result of the spin. Straight wagers, odd/even wagers, red/black wagers, and so on are all available.

Lightning Roulette is played just like regular roulette, except that if the ball falls on a number you’ve bet on, your reward is increased by up to five hundred times!

To learn more about the game’s features, choose “Help” from the menu. Lighting Roulette’s rules, bet kinds, outcomes, key shortcuts, and more may all be found in the help area.

Lighting the RTP in Roulette

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Lightning Roulette is 97.30%, making it one of the games with the highest potential for winning. In other words, in the long run, gamblers may expect to win around R97.30 for every R100 they wager.

Read this article to have a better understanding of return to player and how it applies to games played in casinos.

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