The demand for Oracle Database certifications among employers is quite strong. It rises when you are familiar with SQL. To start your career in this field, first, you will need the 1Z0-071 certification.

To embark on any database project, successful applicants learn to exhibit their grasp of basic SQL principles. A candidate can become an Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate by passing the 1Z0-071 exam. Getting the certification gives you the advantage in interviews by demonstrating your familiarity with Oracle Database SQL. You can advance your knowledge by choosing Oracle database training and passing this exam.

You can learn more about this certification and look into study ideas and other resources to help you pass the test.

About Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Exam

This OCA certification is an entry-level certification. It is for people who are familiar with Oracle SQL. Passing the 1Z0-071 exam attests to the level of your understanding of SQL and how you can apply it to your work.

Other exam specifics include:

  • The examination costs around INR 20,000
  • There are around 78 multiple-choice questions in this test. You get about 100 minutes to finish it, which will be computer-based
  • The passing mark for the exam will be around 63%

The Oracle 1Z0-071 certification test establishes the foundation for future development while validating your comprehension of SQL technology. You can take practice tests to become comfortable with the exam format. You should also integrate practical training or professional experience in your Oracle SQL certification exam preparation.

Subjects Covered in the 1Z0-071 Exam Syllabus

The SQL Oracle Certified Associate 1Z0-071 tests you on various topics:

  • Concepts of relational databases
  • Limiting and sorting data
  • Using the SQL SELECT to retrieve data
  • Using conditional expressions and conversion functions
  • Single-row functions for output customization
  • Utilizing SET operators
  • Displaying information from several tables
  • Aggregated data reporting using group functions
  • Subquery utilization to solve queries
  • Using DML statements for table management
  • Use of DDL to manage tables and their connections
  • Handling indexes, sequences, and synonyms
  • Limiting user access
  • Views management
  • Organizing data across time zones
  • Object management using data dictionary views

1Z0-071 Certification Process

Like other certifications, such as Microsoft certification, this Oracle certification comes with certain steps that need to be followed to get certified. They are as follows:

  • Study the syllabus topics
  • Look for a reliable study manual
  • Use SQL regularly
  • Attempt practice exams

How Do Businesses Benefit from Oracle SQL?

The proper and effective execution of business functions, including the persistence and recovery of their results, are made possible with the aid of SQL. It serves the functions by providing select, insert, delete, update, rollback, and commit commands using actual SQL syntax.

Who is it for, and is the 1Z0-071 Exam Worth It?

Database administrators, data analysts, and other qualified data professionals are the key target audience for the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam. Unlike Oracle Java certification, it is for applicants with some experience with Oracle SQL and those who wish to advance their careers by earning the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate credential. However, it is also ideal for ambitious data professionals, anyone learning the language, and newcomers to the field.

The Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate and Oracle training is also for individuals who work on the periphery of data. Even if only a tiny amount of your daily work involves using data, the SQL Certified Associate credential demonstrates your adaptability and effectiveness.


Holding the Oracle Certified SQL Associate certification makes you stand out to employers. It is a genuine indicator of your expertise. Passing this entry-level certification requires solid SQL understanding.

Candidates get certified through the SQL certification program for their abilities and expertise concerning Oracle SQL products and technology. Earning the 1Z0-071 certification requires completing the exam, Oracle database training, and assignments. You must understand the 1Z0-071 SQL exam well and review helpful resources and study recommendations to pass it.

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