Casual Business Outfit Ideas for Women

Formal outfits nowadays are a real predicament as restrictions are everywhere. Many people find it a bit hard to prepare an outfit suitable for them when going to work. Each workplace has different rules regarding the outfits worn by the employees, but most of them are quite similar. Dressing casual for the office does not mean letting it all loose and wearing a baggy T-shirt with a pair of shorts and flip-flops. Appropriate casual dressing for the office is playing with formal outfits and adding something of neutral colors so as not to make it too fancy or seemingly casual.

Winter Outfits

Styling outfits for the winter season can be quite a hassle. Styling a great outfit for the office is already very hard and pairing it up with adding outerwear makes it nearly impossible. Luckily, shearling jackets are here to save the day as they are highly versatile and perfect for every formal occasion. To style the perfect outfit for the office using a shearling jacket, wear a black shearling jacket like the one Ana De Armas is seen wearing with a black high neck shirt, black leather pants, and a pair of black boots underneath. This outfit is perfect for the office as it is casual but not flashy at all. A subtle outfit made to keep one safe from the cold weather while maintaining a fashionable look. Stores like Shearling Store have a variety of shearling jackets you can choose for yourself if you are looking for something fashionable and formal to wear to the office.


Blazers play a huge role in outfits meant for the office. They are a main part of formal outfits, and many people believe that they are what sets the difference between casual and formal. To style a laid-back outfit for the office using a blazer, wear a checkered blazer with a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. This outfit gives great professional vibes to the wearer, allowing one to look their best in style and within the dress code laid out by the office. Blazers are also a good way to shield one from the cold weather as they are an additional layer of clothing which is quite benefitable during the cruel, cold days.

Buttoned-down Shirts

Formal outfits start and end on buttoned-down shirts. When thinking of office wear or formal outfits themselves, these shirts are the first thing to come to mind. These shirts are highly versatile and can be worn with anything at all. With so many uses for these shirts, it is obvious that they come in all sorts of colors and designs as well. The best ones, however, are known to be white button-down shirts as they are the most professional looking and perfectly safe to wear anywhere, let alone to the office. To style a proper formal outfit using button-down shirts, wear a white button-down with a pair of gray formal pants, and matching gray heels for the perfect outfit. This outfit is bound to have everyone impressed at the office as it is quite casual and perfectly adheres to the rules of dressing in the office.


Dressing up for the office can be quite exhausting sometimes. The dress codes are quite strict at some places and do not allow a lot of casual wear, which can be a nuisance for many as not everyone feels like dressing up formally and properly all the time. Luckily, with a little effort, a casual outfit can be made suitable for the office without violating any rules and staying all comfortable and happy.

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