Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Pro and Best iPhone?

This is the closest thing to a flawless phone I’ve ever seen, as you’ll see in my review of the newly buy iPhone 14 Pro. If only there was more than enough battery life. But once you leave here, make sure to see our evaluations of the recently released iPhone 14 Pro to see what else Apple has released this year.


I think the design of the iPhone 14 Pro is contradictory. On the outside, it resembles the iPhone 13 Pro quite a bit, but with a bigger camera module. Unless you really concentrate, it could be difficult to tell this phone out from its predecessor from the rear, despite the fact that the lenses are visibly bigger as a result of the changes beneath.

On the other hand, Apple’s new phone has a very distinctive front design. The pill-shaped Dynamic Island has taken the position of the missing notch. The outdated iPhone design has finally undergone an update, however the Face ID notch still makes it bigger than those on the top Android devices.

If you touch and hold the Dynamic Island while playing music, it’ll even convert into a media player. You may access media controls in this manner without having to open the Notification Center.


The greatest smartphone screens are often seen on Samsung and Apple products. The pattern is maintained with the iPhone 14 Pro. In actuality, this is the finest phone display I’ve ever seen. I have never liked staring at a screen more than I do with the iPhone 14 Pro, from the vibrant colors to the incredible brightness both indoors and outside.


This year, Apple made sure the iPhone 14 Pro received some significant camera advancements. The newest 48MP quad-pixel primary sensor is the most notable of them. The iPhone 14 Pro can shoot a 12MP picture that the phone has adjusted to your lighting circumstances using the whole sensor, but with four times the information owing to the quad pixel layout, even though this feature is not exclusive to Apple’s phones. A 48MP picture in its whole may be obtained upon request in ProRAW, which is amazing.


This year, Apple increased its hold on the smartphone video market. Not only does the iPhone 13’s Cinematic mode (now available in 4K 30 fps) return, but the iPhone 14 Pro can now record in ProRes at up to 4K 60 fps or 4K 30 fps (on the 256GB and larger models).


The new A16 Bionic chipset, produced by Apple Silicon using the new 4nm manufacturing process, is included in the iPhone 14 Pro. It has a 16-core Neural Engine, a 6-core CPU, and a 5-core GPU. With a redesigned display engine (which aids in the new always-on display function), improved image signal processor, and increased power efficiency, it offers several advantages over the A15 Bionic from the iPhone 13 Pro.


My jaw dropped when I saw the iPhone 13 Pro’s battery life score of 11 hours and 46 minutes on the Tom’s Guide test. I thus had great expectations for the iPhone 14 Pro. I haven’t been let down so far.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 14 Pro performed less than admirably in our unique battery life test, in which we set a phone’s display to 150 nits and instruct the device to continually refresh web pages via a cellular connection. Below is what we discovered.


I can confidently state that the iPhone 14 Pro is the finest phone Apple has ever produced based on my use and time with the gadget. (The 6.7-inch screen on the iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn’t appeal to me since I don’t like huge phones.) Except for battery life and screen size, these two phones have the same features. Tom’s Guide’s Content Director Mark Spoonauer would argue that the new Pro Max is the better gadget, and he may be correct given the Pro Max’s lifespan.


We conclude that the iPhone 14 Pro has amazing features such as a camera, display, design, and performance. You can also buy a used iPhone if you have a low budget.

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