Aussie Doodle Aussie Doodle is a mixed breed of dog that mixes the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. It is also known as the Australian Shepherd Poodle, the Aussie Doodle, and the Miniature Aussie doodle, and it is a small to medium-sized dog. It is active and athletic, and the Aussie Doodle describes itself as a scruffy ball of energy. Aussie Doodle is a lively pet that loves its owners and is fascinated by their learning. Through this post, you’ll learn a lot about Aussiedoodles breeder Chicago, from its appearance to its past, food needs, and more.

It’s the Australian Shepherd Poodle’s appearance

In general, this breed is a trimmer to larger-sized breed that is attractive and athletic yet has a solid appearance with big legs and a robust body. The top of the dog must be straight and have an oval shape, slightly higher than the length.

The head must be significant, with a thick, rounded muzzle and eyes that are oval. Watches could be brown or the typical blue that is common among Australian Shepherds. Australian Shepherd, including having two eyes that are different in colour. The ears are large that rest upon the side of the skull.

The tail should be strong, but certain breeds have a bobtail similar to that of the Australian Shepherd. The overall look should reflect a cheerful pet with a teddy bear appearance. There are numerous locations where you can find Aussiedoodles breeders in Chicago to get your Aussie dog.

Australia Shepherd Poodle Dogs Coat

  • Like their appearance and size, the coat has a distinct feature and may vary depending on the parent the puppies are bred to. The skin should be doubled and have a thick, strong coat which is thick and dense. The topcoat typically is medium-long, but it can be soft and silky in addition to being long and curly or curly as Poodles. It is important to remember that the only safe coat suitable for your Aussie Doodle is the tightly curly coat that resembles a Poodle.
  • The Aussie sketch is available in various shades if it’s about shades. It can be distinguished in any way, including patches, merle, and brindles. In addition, they are sold in solid colors or a mix with any of the colors below, including grey, black, white, and brown. They are also available in blue, yellow, and silver.
  • One feature that this coat has is it Australian Shepherd Poodle can have numerous striking colors like chocolate, blue merle, white, red Sable and red merle, as well as tricolor (three of the colors mentioned listed above).

What colors are they available in?

The Aussie dog comes in a variety of shades. Your puppy could be available in any of the colors listed below. The colors listed below include:

  • Blue Merle
  • Black
  • Red Merle
  • Red Hues
  • Tan
  • Beige
  • Sable

Australian Shepherd Mix Temperament and personality

  • They are renowned for their intelligence and social skills. They are known for their intelligence, and the social Australian dog Poodle is a faithful pet to the family. He’s at home in a place in which he is together with the owner. They’re at their most when they have something new to explore and learn. You can also teach them any new technique you’d like them to learn.
  • The breed is considered to be an ideal companion for all. They love spent with family members, and they’re at their finest when they are in their presence.
  • It is said that Aussie dogs are famous for their high energy levels. However, when they exercise correctly, they can be very relaxed at home and happy to unwind.

Although they may not display the herding behaviour seen in the Australian Shepherd, the breed can be an excellent pet for children and is generally an excellent pet to have at home. In general, Aussie can be described as a soft and affectionate breed with endless compassion, making it the ideal companion for families. Additionally, when looking for an excellent breeding choice, like Aussie or doodle breeder in Chicago.

Aussiedoodle Size

Like other Poodle breeds, and like other breeds, the Aussie Doodle is available in two sizes, depending on the size of the breeder. The breeding.

Miniature Aussiedoodle

The theory is that a Miniature Aussie doodle can result from crossing with the Toy and Miniature Poodle with an Australian Shepherd or mixing any Poodle (toy miniature Standard or minuscule) with an Australian Shepherd. Miniature Australian Shepherd. The Miniature Aussie doodle ranges in height from 12-18 inches and weighs between fifteen to thirty pounds.


Also known as the AussieDoodle, this breed is the result of the cross combination of an Australian Shepherd and a Standard Poodle with the addition of an Australian Shepherd. The species is tall, between 13 to 23 inches, and weighs between 25 and 70 pounds.

Aussie Doodle puppies to sell aren’t easy to locate an accredited breeder, and there are many breeders available. However, you must pick one reputable and not a puppy mill or pet retailer.


AussieDoodle is one of the most well-known dog breeds, and it is an excellent option for people with allergies to dogs. Australian Doodles shed hair much smaller than other breeds of dogs. Therefore should you own an Aussie doodle and are looking for an ideal breed to match your Aussie doodle, you should look into the Aussiedoodles of Love they are providing the best breeding options, including Aussiedoodles breeders in Chicago.

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